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Our Story

Without conservation, folk arts and heritage that have been passed down through generations would be buried by history. Without nurturing, innovations and creative ideas would not bloom. Vibrant art scenes could translate into opportunities for many aspiring artists to succeed in living their dreams and improve their livelihood by turning their artworks into merchandize.

In other words, there will be more employment opportunities created in the process which would help achieve our aim of empowering local talents and providing them space to grow creativity sustainably. Better yet, their creativity and innovations might be rolled into mainstream and spark a craze in the art world.

About Creativolts

Creativolts was initiated and created by Nets MYTalents as an elite platform for local Malaysian talents to showcase their creative imagination for the visual arts. As with anything that is truly Malaysia, our talents carry a rich and diverse heritage at the core of their inspiration – the unique illustration of an independent civilization, amidst the South China Sea.

Nets MYTalents Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Nets Group of Companies. Established since 1997, it is a Malaysian home grown eco-solutions provider that specializes in eco products, services and innovation. Nets MYTalents provides design, production and marketing of arts, crafts and other lifestyle products which are the inspirations of the Malaysian artists and designers.

Nets MYTalents


We pledge to uphold our mission to carry the torch of our precious traditions, heritage and innovations and keep the flames lit.


We aim to foster a harmonious Malaysian society and narrate the Malaysia chronicles to the world through innovations and creative works.

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