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Meeco is derived from two words “me” and “ecology”. Together they carry the vital meaning of the “one who cares for the environment”. Meeco believes saving the environment begins with one’s self. However, the total and universal success of this green initiative fully depends on the joint efforts of not just a group of individuals, but each and every one of us – every community and organization altogether. Meeco leads the way in environmental protection through his messages of love for the planet and inspires people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Green Watcher Lifestyle

The trend of natural disasters occurring at frequent rates is truly an eye opener. It shows how vulnerable we are to climate change and ecological imbalance. Many scientists agree that these are caused by human activity and now they are more certain than ever about it. We need to wake up from our selfish slumber and the time is now!

Let us create a healthier environment and a happier world. This has always been Meeco’s dream and its life goal. Meeco the Green Watcher came into existence with one ultimate mission. That is to change the mindsets and attitudes of people about the environment by planting the ‘love-eco’ seed in the hearts of every man and woman.

Change of lifestyle. This is the very essence of Meeco’s campaign. Did you know that you are giving back to the environment every time you use Recycled paper? You also save trees. Isn’t it a good thing that you can make this planet greener just by walking the streets with a handbag on your shoulder? Think about it. These are some of the eco-traits that separate Meeco from other products of the same industry.